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The Marquesan language is under threat of dying out, and ranks among the world's most endangered languages. The purpose of the Marquesan Phrasebook is to help generate enthusiasm and revitalize Marquesan! (see more on language revitalization here)

A Conversational Guide to Marquesan

"To Enata, Enana and all those who continue to speak and teach their 'eo."

Thus begins the Marquesan Phrasebook / Livre des phrases marquisiennes.  This book is the first of its kind, translating Marquesan into both French and English.  Drawing on Emily's near-decade long experience in visiting and living in the Marquesas, the book includes hundreds of phrases useful in everyday interactions in the islands, organized by theme.  Two quick guides on the inside of the front and back covers help the user find key expressions with optimal speed.  A small Marquesan dictionary (technically, lexicon) at the back of the book is a great source for quick translations and vocabulary.  Spread throughout are a selection of "Marquesan Fun Facts"
that help to familiarize the reader with the Marquesas Islands and their inhabitants.

Inside the Marquesan Phrasebook

  • Comprehensive coverage of everyday Marquesan phrases, grammar and vocabulary
  • French-Marquesan Lexicon
  • English-Marquesan Lexicon
  • Marquesan-English-French Lexicon
  • Educational "Fun Facts" about the Marquesas 
  • 172 pages and more than 20 stunning color photographs
  • Click here for sample pages from the book

Buy Your Own!

Hard copies of the book are not currently available but hopefully will be soon, pending the printing of a second edition with a French Polynesian press. Please email me (emilyd@emilydonaldson.org) if you are interested in receiving notification when the new edition becomes available.

In the meantime, I am willing to sell digital, copyright protected copies of the existing edition on a case-by-case basis for $40 US each.  Email me if you are interested!