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Marquesas Islands
The Marquesas, known to Marquesans as Fenua Enata or Fenua Enana, are a remote group of 12 volcanic islands located just below the equator, in French Polynesia.  The most isolated archipelago in the world, only a few are accessible by domestic flights from Tahiti.  A favorite haunt of a number of famous artists over the last two centuries, this is a place entirely unique in culture, geography and spirit.  Towering peaks and steep, rocky cliffs plunge directly into a tossing, turquoise sea punctuated by white caps that gleam in the sun.  The tropical air breathes relaxation, even as its salty currents carry giant frigate birds and bright white doves lazily across the sky above.  

Is your curiosity piqued?  
Below are some of my favorite links for information on the Marquesas Islands.  Explore away! 

Official Marquesas Islands Website

Variably maintained but nonetheless informative--and best of all, run by islanders--this site is a great place to go for general information on almost every aspect of the islands, including history, culture, art and travel.  Take me there!

News from French Polynesia

My favorite source for news on the islands, this is the official site for Tahiti Presse.  Fully illustrated, with all you need to know about the latest goings-on in Papeete and throughout French Polynesia.  A search feature provides access to previously-published articles.  Take me there!   

Professional Photography in the Marquesas 

My friend, Lionel Gouverneur, started this site as a place to sell his amazing photographs of the Marquesas and their inhabitants.  In addition to samples from his various collections, it also includes some island news and a place to buy merchandise.  Unfortunately only available in French.  Take me there!