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In violation of tapu, defying everything she's ever been told, she is ready to risk her life for her dream.

The Girl Who Stole the Sky (56,000 words) is a coming of age story that takes place in the Marquesas Islands before the arrival of Europeans.  My coauthor, Debora Kimitete, and I invite you to share in the adventures of Keata, a young woman who struggles to find her place.

On a distant Pacific Island many years ago, in a culture shaped by a strict tapu system that accepts only men as warriors, Keata dreams of breaking the rules. Deeply scarred as a child by an enemy raid that killed a beloved aunt, she begs her cousin Tehei to train her in secret.  When Tehei subsequently disappears on a revenge raid, Keata embarks on a desperate journey.Her quest across the wild mountains of Hiva Oa brings her to the brink of death, and the realization that she will return home a warrior, or not at all.