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In violation of tapu, defying everything she's ever been told, she is ready to risk her life to find herself.

The Weaver (62,000 words) is a coming of age story that takes place in the Marquesas Islands before the arrival of Europeans.  My coauthor, Debora Kimitete, and I invite you to share in the adventures of Keata, a young woman who struggles to find her place in her tribe and her island world.

Keata is caught in the spaces between: not a girl, but not quite a woman; gifted with a mana, or supernatural power, she can no longer use; neither the weaver she was born to be, nor the warrior she hopes to become. She yearns to respect the traditions of her tribe, but repeatedly fails. And she hides a dangerous secret. With her cousin Tehei's help, she has been training to become a warrior, breaking the sacred rules of her tribe. When Tehei disappears on an enemy raid, Keata sets out on a journey to find him, across the wild and treacherous mountains of Hiva Oa. Her quest brings her to the brink of death, disturbing her deepest convictions about herself and her peopl