News: Stranded in the Marquesas

An Air Tahiti strike stranded fifteen passengers on Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva yesterday, when a local flight was unable to depart Papeete for its regular round trip to and from the Marquesas.  A number of repercussions were immediately felt.  A medical mission to provide clinical gynecology services to the Marquesas remained stuck in Hiva Oa.  The pharmacy in Atuona did not receive the medicines on order.  A patient arriving from Tahuata on an emergency evacuation via local fishing boat could not be delivered to the hospital in Nuku Hiva.  Several tourists missed their international connection to Paris (leaving the same night from Tahiti).  To make matters worse, rumor has it Air Tahiti will not cover the expense of additional days spent in the islands.  Zut!

Certainly reminds us all of how remote the islands are…

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