Piki Vehine

Piki Vehine, a ceremonial site, or me’ae, in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva. Me’ae are large paepae or complexes of paepae once used for ritual activities and sacrifices. Piki Vehine means, literally, “mount woman”…so you can guess what this place was used for. The site was intensively restored for use in cultural festivals in the 1990s, and today it is one of the few tourist attractions in the village.

Te me’ae Piki Vehine i Taiohae, Nuku Hiva. ‘Omua, ua kanea te me’ae me te paepae ke’i, me tau paepae, no te “ceremonies”. Ua ha’aporopa, ua kanea hakaua tenei taha i te ehua 1990. Ua tihe te tau torisi tenei’a no te tiohitina.

Fundraising and Futsal

For the third consecutive year, the villages of Taiohae, Hatiheu and Taipivai participated in a futsal tournament in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva.  The team from Taiohae took the championship title.  On Hiva Oa, a fundraising event including traditional dance performances and a bake sale was organized to help finance a new roof for the Catholic Sacre-couer church in the village of Puamau.

L’équipe de Puamau :  mamans, jeunes du collège public  et de Sainte-Anne, ainsi que le diacre Jean-Jacques Tipahaehae, au centre. Ils n’ont pas ménagé leurs efforts pour offrir un beau spectacle  de danses traditionnelles.

(from: http://www.ladepeche.pf/iles/marquises)

AIDS Prevention in Nuku Hiva

High school students in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva celebrated international AIDS day last week collaborated with the officer for the promotion of health in the Marquesas, Stephanie Nouel, to help spread the word about AIDS.  Dressed in red and white, they stationed themselves outside the local technical academy to hand out condoms and educational pamphlets about AIDS that explain how the disease is transmitted, how it develops and how to protect yourself.

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[from http://www.ladepeche.pf/article/marquises/nuku-hiva-prevention-du-sida]

News: Ripples of the Economic Crisis

Over the past four years, the hotels and bed and breakfasts of Nuku Hiva have seen their clientele decline by 30%.  Rumors fly that one of the few hotels in the Marquesas, the three-star Keikahanui Pearl Lodge, may soon close.  Certain bed and breakfasts, like Moana Nui in Taiohae, are responding by upgrading their services with air conditioning, Wifi, and refusing to take commissions when visitors follow their recommendations for local activities and adventures.  They set a noble example.  An extra bonus: despite these improvements, the price of staying at the Moana Nui has not increased!

Visit the Moana Nui website: http://www.marquises.pf/pagestour/page17.htm

See the full article in French here: http://www.ladepeche.pf/article/marquises/des-nouveaux-services-et-une-restauration-etoffee-le-secret-de-la-reussite