News: Coprah industry at risk?

Harvesting coprah, or dried coconut, is the leading source of income in the Marquesas.  Recently one of the top buyers of coprah, l’Huilerie de Tahiti,” announced that it has no more money to pay local growers.  In an industry already heavily supported by government subsidies, this could have serious repercussions for the future of the coprah industry and the Marquesan economy.

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News: Ripples of the Economic Crisis

Over the past four years, the hotels and bed and breakfasts of Nuku Hiva have seen their clientele decline by 30%.  Rumors fly that one of the few hotels in the Marquesas, the three-star Keikahanui Pearl Lodge, may soon close.  Certain bed and breakfasts, like Moana Nui in Taiohae, are responding by upgrading their services with air conditioning, Wifi, and refusing to take commissions when visitors follow their recommendations for local activities and adventures.  They set a noble example.  An extra bonus: despite these improvements, the price of staying at the Moana Nui has not increased!

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