Marquesan challenges of today

Check out “Ananahi Demain”!  An excellent film about Marquesans today and the challenges they face, featuring the group Takanini. Directly related to my thesis!  Won the public vote award at FIFO (a Pacific film festival held annually in Tahiti), and aired on Polynésie 1ère in early 2014.

A tiohi otou “Ananahi Demain”! Ua peau tenei film no te pohoe enata tenei’a. Mea kanahau! Mea hakatu ta’u hana hamani. Ua haka’ite ‘ia i te Polynesie 1ere i te ehua 2014.

For those who don’t speak French…some of my favorite statements from “Ananahi Demain” (“Tomorrow”): 

– The land doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to our ancestors. 
– When we’re getting put in a museum, it’s over! We’re dead. 
– You can be a warrior and still show emotion. 
– Poiti (Takanini’s lead singer) teaches us things our parents don’t. 
– We go to the store, and it’s terrible—the kitchen cupboard is all around us!
– Eat to live, don’t live to eat!
– The link between us and the earth, that’s our umbilical cord.
– The challenge now is to find a place for our knowledge, in today’s society.
– People are tired, because they don’t have any dreams.
– Marked here (indicating his tattoos) is “Marquesan,” not “church.”
– Maybe we’re not 60,000 any more, but we’re strong!
– If we don’t know our past, if we don’t know who we were–because today we’re looking for an identity, and if we don’t find that identity–what can you do tomorrow?


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