Please note…

My apologies for not posting every day, of late! For the rest of 2013 the postings will be a bit less regular due to my being in the Marquesas and not having easy access to the internet. That said, I hope to post at least twice a week. Please stay tuned!


Catching Up with Facebook

As you might be aware, I actually began Marquesan Now as a page on Facebook.  I switched the format to a blog because I wanted to make sure people were notified when I posted things like words of the day.  A blog seemed like a better format for that type of information sharing than Facebook.

SO I have relocated Marquesan Now here…but the problem is, there are now a slew of Marquesan Words of the Day that I have posted on Facebook, but not here on my blog.  With this in mind, I have decided to make a single post, entitled “Past Words of the Day,” that lists all of the words already present on my Facebook page together, and gets both pages into sync.  YES.  Hope you like this solution.  I do.

Please stay tuned for the Past Words post…and enjoy Marquesan Now!


Hello!  And welcome to Marquesan Now.

The Marquesas Islands are the most remote island group in the world, and one of the most legendary.  Over the course of history they have been immortalized by the writings of Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London, the paintings of Paul Gauguin, and the catchy tunes of Jacques Brel.  The Max Planck Institute has ranked Marquesan as one of the most endangered languages in the world, with some 20,000 native speakers.

This blog was inspired by my book, the Marquesan Phrasebook (learn more at my website,  It is all about Marquesan: the language, the people, the islands.  Visit to find Marquesan news, information and photos from my book and beyond.  And learn Marquesan now!

A Marquesan sunset.