Restored site in Taipivai

A giant tohua, or ceremonial dance platform, that was restored for a Marquesan festival in 2011 has now become a tourist attraction in the valley of Taipivai, Nuku Hiva.  Beautifully restored with reconstructed platforms, new locally carved stone tikis and traditional homes, the site stands as testament to the Marquesan cultural renaissance.

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Documentary on Nuclear Testing

A new documentary film was aired on television throughout French Polynesia yesterday.  Essais Nucleaires: l’Heritage Sans Fin (Nuclear Testing: The Never-ending Legacy), by Thierry Derouet and Nathalie Barbe, provides a comprehensive look at the effects of nuclear tests on families fifteen years after testing ended.  The testing site was located on two tiny island in the Tuamotus, Moruroa and Fangataufa, but its influence extended throughout French Polynesia.  The Marquesas, like other outlying archipelagos, sent many fathers, sons and brothers to work at the testing site; some for over two decades.

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Photos from a Nuku Hiva Fete

The blogger oceanien recently took some beautiful photos from a soiree featuring dance performances on Nuku Hiva.

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Too many Marquesan cats…

The ornithology organization Manu has launched a mission to sterilize cats in the Marquesas.  Caroline Blanvillain, a representative of Manu, recently launched this project on Fatu Hiva, the most isolated of the Marquesas Islands.  Limiting the cat population will give native and endemic bird species a leg up in the battle for survival.  Local bird species are also threatened by introduced birds that have monopolized valuable habitat and sources of food.

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