Facing Religion in the New Millenium

Posted on 23 April 2011

I recently saw an excellent documentary on religion and the role it plays in America today.  For the Bible Tells Me So, by Daniel Karslake, does a decent job of tiptoeing the tightrope of objectivity (at least from my admittedly liberal point of view) in a look at how religion can divide, damage and hurt.

Above all, the film confronts the conflicts between religious doctrine and practice.  It poses questions about families and what it is like to grow up as a homosexual in a religiously conservative home.  It interviews both parents and children, from families with a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, and explores the ways in which religious practice and American culture have changed over the past fifty years.  Fascinating!  Frightening!  Sad.  But surprisingly uplifting.  Watch it!  It’s available on Netflix, among other places.  Visit the official website for more details.


DVD cover for "For the Bible Tells Me So"

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