Oh, Canada!

Posted on 04 April 2011

It seems a little strange to know exactly where I will be in six months…but not yet be able to do anything about it.  Damien and I are moving to Montreal!  Wooo!  Now what?  I almost immediately started making lists of things to do…only to realize that almost all of those things are tasks I can’t tackle until some future date.  Dernit.

For someone who likes to check things off of lists, this is immensely frustrating.  It’s too early to really start looking for an apartment, though that has not in the least deterred us from spending hours on Craigslist searching available apartments with nice pictures (so we can drool over places we can’t rent because their leases start next week).  Sigh.  So far the only concrete thing I’ve accomplished is to begin my online application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (commonly referred to as CAQ).  This will allow me to obtain my study permit (like a student visa), which I will present at the border to get the necessary Canadian immigration paperwork (one more thing to add to the “future” list!); but I haven’t completed it yet because I’m still waiting for the final word on the source of funding for my studies.  Sigh (again).

Cornered in this awkward limbo of lag time between decision and execution, I’ve spent far too many hours of late day dreaming and scrabbling around for information, with nothing but a few scrap paper lists to show for it.  That said, there has been one thing Damien and I have done that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  No question, it still counts as a giant waste of time.  But so far it has been pretty satisfying compared to the other products of immigration anticipation.  It began with a Google search for the words, “silly canada” and ended…well, it still hasn’t ended.  But I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

First, there are the YouTube videos.  This one advertises a Canadian “ELITE” plan for well-educated American liberals ready to flee their (increasingly crazy) homeland.  For a little musical entertainment, check out this rap remix of the Canadian anthem (yes!  Makes you want to immigrate TODAY) and “Canada, Please“, featuring dancing, Canadian mounty (i.e. Royal Canadian Mounted Police) outfits and a catchy rap beat highlighting Canada’s greatest perks (will have you singing along in moments).

My other favorite items were the posters.  Specifically, the demotivational poster spoofs (see the original demotivational posters website here for non-Canada related hilarity).  I’ve pasted a few highlights below (with no hard feelings intended, for any Canadians out there…).





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