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Posted on 16 March 2011

I know, I know.  You thought I was living in Vermont now!  And I am.  But this is an old draft post that I never published and thought I should…now that my days in Rock Creek Park are done, for the moment.

There’s always something new to “enjoy” on the bike ride home from the office.  Unlike the pungent, sewer-like odor of Rock Creek Park that comes and goes, or the clouds of insects at dusk, I tend to find the greatest enjoyment in the more unique moments that may last only a flash and come without warning, but stick in my memory.  Here are a few…

–A picnic table full of teenagers smoking pot; as I coasted past, I felt like I was biking through a cloud.

–A shaggy, over-heated retriever basking blissfully in the shallow border of Rock Creek, on one of the hotter days this summer.  Poor guy!  I’d hate to have to choose between stifling heat and raw sewage.

–A fire!  Passing through the park south of Connecticut Avenue last winter, I came upon a fire truck pulled up onto the park lawn and giant clouds of smoke—a section of the park woods were on fire.  Yikes!

–A man with—I swear!!—a giant fake beard. Like, the color of the beard was entirely different from that of his hair (think an African American man with a bright red beard…what’s wrong with this picture?), and it was enormous. About a quarter mile further on, I passed a man dressed in business attire that seemed a little out of place on him—the pants were too long, the tie was askant—and a bundle of clothes stuffed under one arm, waiting to cross the road and walk up one of the automobile ramps to downtown. Skeeeetchy…

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