Posted on 16 March 2011

Wow.  It’s been over a year since I last posted a regular blog post!  That’s embarrassing.  In a way it’s a good thing—just goes to show how much down time I’ve had, in front of the computer—but it still makes me feel guilty.  Sigh.

Anyhow, on to brighter things: there have been some BIG changes lately.  One, my boyfriend (now fiance!) and I moved to Vermont.  Yay!  So great to be back in New England again.  Second, I left my job with the National Park Service (rather sad) but now I’m doing some landscape history work for the State of Vermont, which has been fun.  I’m also doing a neat second job developing web content for a new website that will connect farmers and other local food producers, processors, distributors, etc. with restaurants and customers.  Hooray, EAT LOCAL!  Third, I decided I wasn’t quite nerdy enough, and applied for PhD programs in anthropology.  This coming fall (2011) I’ll be starting at McGill!  Eek!  Crazy.  Wild.  Totally dorky.  But I’m psyched about the big move to Montreal, speaking French, stuffing my face with crepes, venison and poutine, and all that good stuff.  The decision to go to Montreal was a difficult one; there were two Massachusetts options in the mix, both excellent, and given the number of unknowns that Canada holds (particularly for my fiance’s job) it was an agonizing decision.  BUT we’re both totally pumped about launching into this new stage in our lives.  Yay!  A few funny little issues that arose, when we were considering Canada:

1.  Does Canada have Netflix?  This question just dawned upon me last night—when I’d already notified them of my acceptance—and it very nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I’m pretty sure they don’t…but the boy assured me that we could always just downgrade to their streaming option and I probably won’t have time to watch any movies as a PhD candidate, anyways.  Excellent point.

2.  Can we bring our dog back and forth over the border for, say, Christmas vacations and hiking trips?  We had to look this one up, and it turns out we can (thank goodness).  We just have to make sure she has a special certificate of good health/rabies vaccination from the vet and we’re not allowed to bring any dog food with us, either way.  Weird…makes me think there’s something bizarre going on with dog food regulation on either one or the other side of the border (ahem, why do I feel like the U.S. is suspect, here?).

3.  Can I use my cell phone there?  As far as I have been able to tell, I think we can use our Verizon plans in Canada…at least, we can call there without incurring an extra charge.  But we might have to switch to a special Canadian plan.  Still have to look into this one.

4.  Do I need a new wardrobe?  I’ll have to keep you posted on this one.  But it would appear that I might have to do 2 things: a) upgrade a  bit from my daily, uber-casual Vermont wear (think fleece, wool socks, and sweat pants); and b) finally cave and get me one of those full-length down jackets and a pair of heavy-duty winter boots (sorels?).  Yikes.

5.  Will we be able to buy a house in Quebec?  I’ll have to keep you posted on this one.  But it was a question that arose, since it’s something we had hoped to do in the next 5 years of our lives.  As with so many other things with moving to Canada, this promises to be complicated…

O, Canada!  Watch out.  Here we come!

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