Back in the Swing

Posted on 18 January 2010

So I think we can all agree—that is me, you, and the other two people reading my blog—that I have been totally delinquent about posting, the past few months…or six.  As my boyfriend recently remarked upon visiting the EmBlog: “Wow.  You really need to update your blog!”  Thank you, dearest, for pointing out the obvious.  You always were so very good at that…

In any case, one of my new years resolutions (2010, woot!) is to become more, err, resolutely devoted to my blog.  At this point, I think posting every day has been ruled out.  So my new goal is going to be posting every WEEK.  And please, please do hold me to this if I don’t keep it up!  Comments, as usual, are welcome—particularly the kind that remind me of how lazy I am.  🙂

With this in mind, I am going to go ahead and write a real post…for the first time in months.  Read on!

Winter in New England

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