A New Blogger, a New Age

Posted on 16 June 2009

What have I done?! I just helped my boyfriend set up a blog of his own. He is infinitely excited about the prospect because (he contends) it will allow him to blab on to his heart’s content about things that normally tend to bore me (such as outdoor gear, cycling mechanics, cars, fantasy sports, etc.), and be entirely free of guilt!  At the very least, he figures this way there will always be someone out there (anyone??) listening (or, more aptly, reading) with interest. 

Hooray!  We both rejoice and high-five; I’m almost as thrilled as he is, if not more. 

But then a part of me (the worrier part) wonders when and how he will be finding time, in his busy law student schedule, to write.  Are gear, cycling and cars really that compelling?  Okay, maybe in his case, yes…but judging from past years I will be highly impressed if he finds enough time to tie his shoes before leaving the house—never mind write blog posts. 

Meanwhile, I can also hear another little voice squeaking from the sidelines: “Are we really turning into a blogging couple?  I mean, seriously?  When did this happen?  And who are we becoming??”

In truth, a small (not very realistic, but nonetheless nagging) part of me worries that we may just turn into two blogging blobs who (“Thank god for the computer!”) successfully avoid speaking to each other 90% of the time—because, you know, anything that doesn’t involve immediate needs like food, sleep and pet care is more easily said in a blog (i.e. who wants to explain in person when you’ve got the beauty of the digital monologue at your fingertips?).

Yikes! Sometimes technology is scary.  Before we know it, the simpler, easier, faster route becomes the best route and even, eventually, the only route…and where does that leave us?  With no “take the stairs” option in 80% of the DC Metro system.  With no more land-based telephone lines, even as cell phone usage is found to play a potential role in the development of brain cancer (see: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fact-or-fiction-cell-phones-can-cause-brain-cancer).  With a staggering wealth of fast, fancy and pollution-spewing automobiles but an ailing national rail system.  With a growing population of people no longer familiar with how to read a map (because why look it up on paper, when you can just plug it into your trusty GPS?).  With a nation-wide epidemic of obesity and attention deficit disorder (ADD), and a national park system that is increasingly forgotten in favor of other entertainments (who wants to wander around for hours in search of a real bear sighting, when you can ride them and shoot a giant crossbow in your favorite 3-D video game?).  

Granted, I’m getting a little carried away here.  Obviously not all of this relates (directly, at least) to a couple new bloggers (or a new blogging couple?  Hehe…).  Also important to remember is that one’s reality, to some extent, will always rest in the hands of the individual.  With this in mind, I hope to do my best to continue sharing, explaining and enduring at least 80% of what is in my head verbally, with other living, breathing human beings…in order to make sure I remain just that: human.  Now—time to go talk some poor listener’s ear off!  He, he, he…

Any takers for hearing about my latest theory on the social and mental health of nomadic goat herds who live in yurts?

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