Something Fishy…

Posted on 01 May 2009

We got new fish! I know, I know…it must look like my mourning period for Bean was abismally short. But it was just too convenient to pick up another Siamese while we were at Petco getting some goldfish for our backyard pond. So now we are fully stocked with new fishies! It’s very exciting. The pond has a single water lily whose roots are so far serving as the favorite hangout for more than half the goldfish. “The fat one”, which is one of those ones with a huge belly, seems to have already doubled in size since we got him.  Typical.  We also have a fairly large grey and orange one that is very skittish, and five zippy little ones that cost about 59 cents a piece.  Isn’t that amazing?  They came from a GIANT tank just swarming with what looked like hundreds of others.  It was a little comic when the Petco guy was like, “Which ones do you want?”  Ummm…”Aren’t they all the same?” I was thinking.   At least, they look pretty similar…and it seemed like the moment I picked out a particular one it would just disappear into the milling crowd of 500 others.  I felt like just telling him to dip the net in and pull it out, and those would be our new fishies…but as I soon found out, this wouldn’t have worked either: he could barely pull the net out without coming up with at least 10 goldfish!  Wild.  Like any cat’s dream come true! 

My new Siamese fighting fish, whom I have dubbed “Green Monster”, is very pretty and seems to be warming nicely to his new home. Nothing too exciting to report as of yet; he mostly just swims around the bowl like he’s stuck in there or something.  Hmmm…right.  Though there is truly no replacing Bean, maybe Monster will start saying hello, with some time?

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