Posted on 21 April 2009

I love spring in DC. It’s warm but not hot, cool but (usually) not cold, and everything pops open so much earlier than in my native Boston. City streets are lined with glowing whites, pinks and purples as the dogwoods, cherry trees and redbuds come alive with color. Great, rushing downpours leave the grass a vibrant green that feels fresh between my toes as I grudgingly dig up those pesky dandelions and other weeds. I clap and giggle like a two year old when my first few tomatoes and baby basil plants finally begin to sprout, poking their little leafy heads out of the dark soil. Yes, fertility is in the air: just the other day my boss told me how she had to sit through an entire outdoor lunch–usually a pleasant, casual affair–playing awkward audience to a flock of actively mating ducks. This afternoon, on my bike home from work, I had my own run in with a couple of mating flies. Somewhere in the park they managed to cling onto my arm, and despite the bouncing, jerky ride, were–I’m convinced–about to set up shop right then and there. But not so fast, little love-bugs: luckily, I caught sight of them and “flick!” sent them on their merry, mating way. Perhaps I should count their visit as a sign of good luck? So many cultures view fertility as the greatest gift you can receive. But mostly I just feel like I was unwittingly caught in the crossfire of a classic spring moment…and nature at work!

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