Posted on 21 April 2009

Ah, spring. The other day I rode my bike home from work without my sunglasses. I didn’t think much of it, because it was late afternoon and the sky was mostly cloudy, the city shadowed by a dense, billowing white blanket. Indeed, I was doing just fine until I got down to the path along Rock Creek–when I quickly, unpleasantly came to┬áthe unpleasant realization of my mistake. BUGS!!! Tiny little round, black bugs that hover invisibly over the warm pavement, at just about perfect chest height; I couldn’t see them until I was covered in them. They clutched to my shirt and arms like kamikaze hitch-hikers. Worst of all, they flew into my face, eyes and mouth. I kept having to remind myself to keep my mouth shut–as I could literally feel them bouncing off my cheeks with each onslaught. I felt like I was riding through a raging blizzard, it was so hard to see. I squinted my eyes, tilted my head and peered forward with one hesitant, fearful eyeball, but still they managed to get stuck in my eyelashes. Pedaling frantically down the narrow path, I must have looked like some crazy, careening madwoman with a death wish. When I got home I extracted 3 or 4 tiny black carcasses…a memento of my little jaunt on a spring evening.

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