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Marquesan Phrasebook!

Click on the link at left to find out more about Emily's almost-nearly-finished work in progress, The Marquesan Phrasebook/Livre des phrases marquisiennes.

Archaeology in the Marquesas, Summer 2010!

This summer, from June 26 to July 25, Emily will be helping to lead an archaeological field school in the Marquesas Islands.  Partially sponsored by the Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research (AFAR) and lead by University of Hawaii Professor Barry Rolett, this project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  See below for details...

The Project

The AFAR research team of 2010 will be charting the efflorescence of the Marquesan culture through a focus on Tahuata, one of the more traditional islands in the Marquesas group.  Beautifully intact remains of residential and ceremonial centers built of towering volcanic stone can be found here, hidden in the valleys of Vaitahu and Hanamiai.  Students and volunteers will also be involved with investigating the cultural significance of the artifacts in a unique local museum.  Join the excitement of rediscovering this ancient Polynesian chiefdom!

The People

The project is directed by Dr. Barry Rolett, Archaeologist and University of Hawaii Professor who has lead some fifteen archaeological excavations in the Marquesas Islands.  Emily Donaldson, his faithful Assistant Director, has a BA from Harvard and an MA from the University of Chicago, and will be helping to lead the field school for the fourth time.
As for the project participants, no prior archaeological experience is necessary; just bring sun screen, bug spray and a spirit for adventure.  Students (18 or older) and volunteers contribute to all aspects of the field operations, including the analysis and cataloguing of the archaeological artifacts we find.   

Ready to Join Us?

Visit the official website, www.afargo.org, for additional information and an application form.  Accomodations are limited, so sign up soon or risk losing your spot!  The final application deadline is March 30, 2010.    

Sign up here!

The EmBlog

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